Get Started Today With Your High Powered Funnel Site
Get Started Today with Your High Powered Funnel Site
Tens Of Thousands Of Businesses Are Abandoning Their Websites For Funnel Sites...
You Should Too For Your Business To
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What Is A Funnel Site...
And Why Do You Need One?

From: Richard Bigi

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Hey Friend, 

Welcome to Bigi Medias! 

 If this is your first time here, 

you're probably wondering...

What Is A Funnel Site???


Why Do I Need One???
Let Me Show You Why Tens Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs
Are Currently Abandoning Their Websites For A Funnel Site.
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what a funnel site is, and more importantly, why YOU need one.

Did you know that it costs McDonalds $1.91 just to get you to the drive through...?

And when they sell you a burger for $2.09, they ONLY profit $0.18...

But... when they upsell you fries and a coke for $1.77 more, they make (and more importantly KEEP $1.32 profit).  

That's, 8 times the profit of the initial sale!

That's amazing, right?

But, how does that have ANYTHING to do with you?

Well, If you're like most people who sell stuff online, you've setup a website, and you started selling your product or service.

But just like McDonalds, even if people are buying from you, often times, after your costs, you're probably not left with enough to even cover the bills of your website's hosting plan. :(

And that's when you realize that if you want to make it online, you can't sell from a standard website.

You need to do what McDonalds did, and setup an actual 'Sales Funnel' through a funnel site.

But instead of having people go through a drive-in window...

…online they go through a "capture page" where you can gather their contact information and follow up with them through email...

Then instead of selling them a burger, you have a sales page created to sell your initial product.

And while you’re probably not going to offer your customers fries and a coke… you could upsell them on your other products and services… 

You've seen it work at McDonald’s, you've seen it work on Amazon and you've seen it work on other sites you shop on... and you KNOW it will work for you.

Where website visitors can come in the top...

And cash comes out the bottom...

This is what we call a "Sales Funnel..."
So, What Type Of Funnel Site Do You Need?
Well, a lot of that depends on what type of company you run. 

There are certain types of funnel sites for authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and so on...

And there are different types of funnel sites for services based businesses...

Yes, that means all you chiropractors, dentists, realtors, or pretty much ANY other type of service business... there are special funnel sites just for you.
I don't care if you're selling information, supplements, physical products or services...
If you have a business, there is a funnel site that will work for you!
And Bigi Medias is the ONLY company on earth that will give you...
Everything You Need To Market, Sell And Deliver YOUR Products Online!
If you've tried in the past to piece together tons of other products just to create ONE simple sales funnel...

Then I want you to keep reading below and I will show you how simple your life can become when you start using one of our Funnel Sites.
Erase The Time, Stress & Anxiety 
and suffering behind the computer screen so you only have to deal with what's truly important...
Getting Your Message Across To Your Customers!
Are You Tired Of Trying To Fit 10+ Pieces Together...
Just For A Simple Sales Funnel?
In The Past, Building A Funnel Site Was Hard...
Just think, for most people, if they want to sell their product or service online, just to get started, they would need:
Web Hosting
Landing Page Software
Email Autoresponder
Split Testing Software
Automated Webinar Software
Affiliate Software
Membership Site Software
PLUS a Ton More
Right now you're ALREADY looking at THOUSANDS of dollars per month in monthly fees... but unfortunately even after you have all of the pieces, it still doesn't mean they all work together.

And getting the data you need from 10 different systems to make important decisions is almost impossible.
Plus, even after you have all of those systems, you still need to hire a designer to design your site and a programmer to hook it all together!
It's Tiring And Sickening To Think About...
Am I Right?
Let Me Show You How Simple It Is to Get Started With A Funnel Site...
Step #1
Set Up Your Call
We'll be able to jump on a call with you quickly. That way we'll be able to figure out which direction is best for your specific business.
During our call together, we'll be covering a few steps to make sure we're a good fit for each other. Believe it or not, a Funnel Site isn't for everyone. 

Well, who are they for then?

Funnel Sites are for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to make moves for the future. Not for those who are the last ones to board to the boat. 

More simply put, Funnel Sites are for do-ers. Not for dabblers. 

If you're just looking to gather information about the next big thing, this probably isn't for you. We work with those who are ready to make changes. Changes that will help your business leap into the future and take charge rather than waiting until the waters are red from other sharks.
Step #2
Download Your Free Funnel Guideline
After you request your call, I wanted to make sure you have something you can use now. Something that will also give you an idea how we do things.
The Funnel Guideline will show you the basic breakdown of a Sales Funnel. You'll be able to take this guideline and start building your own funnels in less time than it takes to bake a cake. 

We want things to be easy for you. And easy to understand. 

There are plenty of other things out there that require us to learn and figure out. I wanted to make sure this isn't one of them.
Step #3
We Get Started
After your call, if we both decide this is the right fit, we'll start building your own custom Funnel Site.
Websites used to take weeks if not months to properly build.

With a funnel site we can build an elegant, money making machine in as little as 1 week. 

One of our professionals will build out from top to bottom a home page and subpages you may need for your site. We'll also give you additional sales funnels for FREE. 
Funnel Site + Action Emails + Sales
Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your Products Online!
Bigi Medias Lets You Take The Power Back From The Tech Guys! 

We wanted a way to build the most important stuff for our clients, but we also want them to be able to understand their site and how to use it once we're done. 

So, by getting your site built through us, we're going to save you the tons of money, time and effort it would take to do it yourself, Plus you won't have to spend thousands to have some techy nerds update your site once a month.

We use the simplest tools to allow you to gather leads, send emails and collect money. That way, once we're done, you can duplicate the process over and over again for more and more products and services. 
(Our mission is to over-deliver. I hope that's ok.)
Now, To Answer Your Question...
Why Do YOU Need A Funnel Site?
90% Of Entrepreneurs Fail In Finding Success Online...
In the Goldrush of 1849, masses of people searched for gold, but few found it. It’s happening again… 
If You're In...
Information Products
Professional Services
Retail (Selling to consumers)
Network Marketing
Business To Business
You NEED To Read This!
Just like there was a rush to find gold in California in 1849, there’s a rush of everybody getting online today to make money. 

Unfortunately, during the gold rush back then, most of the money wasn’t made by the miners finding gold. It was made by the merchants who sold the shovels, boots, wheelbarrows, and supplies. In fact, very few ever ended up finding gold at all.

Today, the modern-day merchants are selling website services, hosting, programming and designing, email autoresponders, affiliate software, and more...

…and just like the goldrush years ago, very few are finding success “online gold” today. 
Bigi Medias (back then) would have been like having an all-access membership to a general store 
where gold miners could get EVERYTHING they needed to find their gold… for one small fee. 

Think that would have helped WAY MORE miners find gold back in the day?? 
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